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ICCP is the new Interactive Co-Culture Plate (vessel) which are connected horizontally.

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SenTraGor™ – A breakthrough technology for reliable and conclusive detection of cellular senescence




Erase Sperm Isolation Kit für forensische Untersuchungen.

Mithilfe des "Erase Sperm Isolation Kit" läßt sich wirksam und kostensparend Epithelzellen-DNA aus solchen Proben entfernen, die ein Gemisch aus Spermien und Epithelzellen enthalten. Erase ermöglicht auf diese Weise zum Beispiel, männliche autosomale STR-Profile aus Proben zu erstellen, bei denen man vermutet, daß si ein DNA-Gemisch enthalten.


New: ELEPO21 In Vitro High Energy Electroporator

Bacterial Cells, Mammalian Cells and More


  • Hi Voltage Electroporation
    Transformation of
    -Bacterial Cells
    -Fungi, Yeast, ect.
    Up to 3,000 Volt pulses at millisecond (not microsecond) range can be delivered.
    Remarkably higher transformation efficiency than traditional electroporation
  • Low Voltage Electroporation
    Transfection of
    - Primary Cell Cultures
    - Any Cell Lines (animal cells and plant cells)
    - Stem Cells, ES Cells, iPS Cells, ect.
    High transfection efficiency and high viability without special buffer

    The ELEPO21 electroporator can cover all application range of the second-class CUY21 electroporators


New: Micro Pick & Place System von NEPAGENE
        Single-Cell/Micro-Particle Transfer


The Micro Pick and Place System makes it possible to transfer micro targets such as single cells one by one from one place to another place observing the targets with a microscope. The system is based on the PicoPipet that has a small electroosmotic pump in its pipette part. It allows users to operate the system intuitively and anyone can easily control suction/hold/discharge of ultra small volumes (picoloter range)




New: Xceltis is the official distributor for Kingfisher Biotech.

Kingfisher Biotech, Inc. is committed to accelerating basic veterinary research and human disease research done in animal models by developing and commercializing research reagents specific for a variety of species. Currently, they offer over 1000 reagents and kits for veterinary and animal model research.

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New: Anti-Dermatophyte Monoclonal Antibody


The antibody can be used for the IHC-detection of:Trichophyton rubrum
Trichophyton mentagrophytes
Trichophyton violaceum
Trichophyton tonsurans
Microsporum gypseum
Microsporum canis
Epidermophyton floccosum

The antibody allows the detection of dead fungal material in the upper skin layer as well and circumvents the need to differentiate true fungal staining from granulocyte background signals in deeper skin layers. It is tested for Paraffin embedded and Ethanol fixed sections. Please find order-number and price in section "Antibodies" → Dermatophyte

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Neu: ECFG21 Super Electro Cell Fusion Generator


  • Hybridoma Production / Nuclear Transfer.
  • The world first device that can automatically reads out Voltage and Current.
  • The fusion efficiency is dramatically higher than PEG!
Die Gerätebeschreibung und wissenschaftliche Informationen finden Sie hier:


NEU: NEPA21 Elektroporator



  • In Vitro & In Vivo Transfection
  • High Transfection Efficiency & Viability Without Special Buffers

 Die Gerätebeschreibung und wissenschaftliche Informationen finden Sie hier!