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IL-17 a/f1 Do-It-Yourself ELISA

species: Zebrafish
type: Do-It-Yourself ELISA
manufacturer: Kingfisher

DIY1241Z-003 1 Set € 711.00

Sample types:
Sample volume:
Assay range:
Type of Antibodies:
Notice: The Zebrafish IL-17 a/f1 Do-It-Yourself ELISA contains capture antibody, standard, and detection antibody for development of a Zebrafish IL-17 a/f1 ELISA. The antibodies have been determined to function in an ELISA with the standard provided. Optimal buffers, concentrations, incubation times, incubation temperatures, and methods for the ELISA have not been determined. A working knowledge of ELISA is strongly recommended. The quantities of components provided are not matched. Components may also be purchased separately.