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In Vivo Electroporator

CUY21SC In Vivo Electroporator

In Vivo, In Ovo, In Utero, Ex Vivo Electroporation (Gene Transfection)

CUY21SC (CUY21 Electroporator) Applications
In Vivo Electroporation (Gene Transfection) In Ovo Electroporation (Gene Transfection)
In Utero Electroporation (Gene Transfection) Ex Vivo Electroporation (Gene Transfection)

Excellent Transfection Efficiency With Very Slight Damage

Mouse and Rat Tissue (Muscle, Liver, Skin, Testis, Ovary, Retina, Bladder, Kidney) Electroporation
Mouse and Rat Brain ElectroporationMouse and Rat Embryo (In Utero) Electroporation
Tumor (Cancer) Electroporation Newborn Mouse and Rat (Brain, Retina, Cornea) Electroporation
Chick Embryo (In Ovo) Electroporation Single Cell (Adherent Cell, Plant Protoplast) Electroporation


CUY21SC (CUY21 Electroporator)

We developed a new electroporator CUY21SC with the following features based on our long time (more than 30 years) experience from the various types of electroporation (electric gene transfer) projects.

CUY21EDIT (CUY21 Electroporator) Features

Superior electrical control brings you success in gene transfer.

In Vivo, In Ovo, In Utero, Ex Vivo Electroporator CUY21SC (CUY21)

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) is designed especially for sensitive in vivo, in ovo, in utero and ex vivo electroporation.

Automated Sensitive Current Measurement

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) can measure the electric current from the low ampere (1mA) up to 1.60A. Current is the major factor to obtain successful electroporation results. Initially CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) was developed for the electroporation in which genes are delivered into the sensitive target such as mouse's brain, embryo, tissue slice and chick embryo. In those sensitive applications, low current is required to avoid the damage on a cell or brain etc. This CUY21 Electroporator makes it possible to measure and display such current automatically. The output current information remarkably helps you optimize your electroporation experiments.

Impedance Measurement

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) easily enables you to measure impedance (electric resistance) of the target sample and automatically displays it. The fluctuation in resistance value results in changes in current value and as a result it affects the reproducibility of experiments. In order to deliver the optimal current, you need to know the actual resistance of the target sample before electroporation. Because in vivo resistance is less stable than in vitro in general, the impedance value which is measured prior to in vivo electroporation is the important criteria to determine whether the experiment is going well.

Accurate Low Voltage Square Wave Pulses

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) is designed to output precise low voltage square wave pulses. The accurate and low voltage square wave pulses bring high transfection efficiency and less damage. Therefore, in the usage of this CUY21 Electroporator, the low voltage range can cover almost all in vivo, in utero, in ovo and ex vivo applications unlike other electroporators.

Wide Applications In Combination With A Variety of CUY Series Electrodes

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) can be used with more than 250 NEPA GENE's CUY series electrodes which make it possible to do a wide range of electroporation experiments. And custom-made electrodes are easily ordered and available for this CUY21 electroporator. It enables you to realize the experiments which you have actually desired.
Please click here to see NEPA GENE's CUY Series Electrodes.

Safety Function

For safety operation, the safety limit function is built in CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator). To prevent unexpected electrical accidents, electroporation program stops immediately and automatically in case that the excess current (> 1.60A) flows.

Voltage Measurement

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) is able to perform the voltage measurement which is the useful function that measures the actual voltage of the first DC pulse. By checking the voltage, it is easy to find out whether programmed voltage of DC pulse is generated. If not, there is something wrong with a device.

LED Display

There are seven LED displays on CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) front panel. Each parameter of the electroporation program is displayed on the independent LED. In addition, the measured voltage and current are also displayed on this CUY21 Electroporator immediately after the electroporation.

Compact and Stylish

CUY21SC (CUY21 electroporator) is a compact and sophisticated design.

CUY21SC (CUY21 Electroporator) Specifications

DC Waveform Square
Impedance Measurement
(Ohm Check)
Max. 35Kohm
Voltage 0.1-99.9V (0.1V resolution)
Pulse Length 0.05-99.9ms (0.01ms resolution)
Pulse Interval 0.1-999.9ms (0.1ms resolution)
Number of Pulses 1-99
Safety Limit (High Current) 1.60A
Measured Output
Voltage 0.1-99.9V
Current 1-999mA (1mA resolution)
1.00-1.60A (0.01A resolution)
Memory 99 Programs
Dimensions, Weight 360W x 380D x 180H mm, 12.3Kg
Power 115V or 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Electrode Selection for CUY21 Electroporator

Chick and Quail Embryo
(In Ovo)
Neural Tube (HH* stage 10)
Mesencephalon (HH stage 10)
Diencephalon (HH stage 10)
CUY610 series
CUY611 series
Chick Embryo (In Ovo) Optic Vesicle (HH stage 10)
Head Ectoderm (HH stage 10)
Lens (HH stage 10)
Lateral Plate Mesoderm (LPM)
Somitic Mesoderm (HH stage 7-9)
Limb Bud (HH stage 7-9)
Digestive Organ (HH stage 7-9)
Ventricle (HH stage 30)
Retina (HH stage 38-42)
CUY610 series
CUY611 series
CUY613 series
CUY614 & CUY615
Chick Embryo
(Organ Culture)
Digestive Organ Epithelial Cell (HH stage 27-28) CUY520P5
Chick Embryo
(New Culture)
Gastrulation (HH stage 3-7)
Neural Plate (HH stage 3-7)
CUY701 series combination
Mouse Embyo (In Utero) Cerebral Cortex, All Area (E12.5)
Cerebral Cortex, All Area (> E13.5)
Cerebral Cortex, Specific Area (> E13.5)
Forebrain Ventricle (E14)
Spinal Cord (E10.5)
CUY650P5, P7
CUY650P0.5-3, P1-5
Mouse and Rat
(Whole Embryo Culture)
Neural Tube (Mouse: E9.5, Rat: E11.5)
Neural Plate (Mouse: E7-13)
Metencephalon (Mouse: E7-13)
Somite (Mouse: E7-13)
Telencephalon (Mouse: E7-13)
CUY520P15, P20, P25

CUY650P3, P5, P10
Adult Mouse, Rat, Rabbit and Dog (In Vivo) Skin (Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis) CUY663 series
Adult Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Dog and Monkey
(DNA Vaccine)
Posterior Region of Leg
Anterior Tibial Muscle
CUY560-3, -5 (Injection)
CUY650P3, P5 (Holding)
CUY647P10X5 (Holding)
Adult Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
CUY250 series combination
Adult Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
CUY650P5, P10
Adult Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
Synovial Membrane
Knee Cartilage
CUY650P5, P10
Adult Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
Brain CUY200S
*CUY21SC is recommended.
Newborn Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
Retina (P0-P3)
CUY675P3, P5
CUY670, CUY671P1
Newborn Mouse and Rat
(In Vivo)
Brain Ventricle (P0-P3)
Brain Ventricle (P4-P8)
CUY650P3, P5
Tissue Fragment
(Ex Vivo)
Brain Slice, Tissue Slice, Skin Slice CUY70 series combination
Bee (In Vivo) Brain CUY567
Silkworm Egg CUY495P10
Xenopus Embryo
(In Vivo)
Stage 12.5 CUY700P20 & CUY195P0.3
Fish Egg CUY535, CUY536
CUY537P0.3, P0.5
Plant (In Vivo) Seed Embryo CUY495 P10
*CUY21EDIT is recommended.
Mammalian Adherent Cell
(Single Cell)
*CUY21 SC is used.
Plant Protoplast
(Single cell)
*CUY21 SC is used.


* HH: Hamburger Hamilton


We can make the special customized electrode upon your request.
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