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KTAC-4000 SonoPore4000

Sonoporator (Sonoporation Gene Transfection System)

In Vivo, In Ovo, In Vitro Sonoporation

In Vivo In Ovo In Vitro
Chick Embryo (Limb Bud, Endoderm) Mouse Muscle of Heart Mouse, Rat and Rabbit Muscle
Bovine and Dog Dental Pulp Nude Mouse Subcutaneous Tumor PVSMC, HCECs, HCAEC
Fibroblast, Chondrocyte Hela, KATOIII, MKN-45, CHO, NIH/3T3, HL-60, C1271
T24, Mice Ascites, Rat Bladder, PC3, U937 Activation of Oocytes


SonoPore4000 (KTAC-4000) Sonoporator

Features (SonoPore4000 Sonoporator)
Special Specifications Sonoporator

SonoPore4000 is designed especially for in vivo, in ovo and in vitro sonoporation.


All parameters, frequency, power, duty pulse cycle and burst rate, can be set flexibly.

Real Time Display

The output level of ultrasound can be monitored at real time

Flexible and Small Probe

The probe is a flexible type, and the ultrasound transducer tip is a small specification.
It is possible to irradiate also to the part that was not able to correspond so far, and the possibility of the experiment extends.

Easy Probe Replacement

Probe can be easily replaced from one to another.

Frequency Sweep Function

Frequency changes within the preset range.
Four modes(increase, decrease, increase/decrease, decrease/increase) are available.

Combination with Microbubbles

Sonoporation has become an effective and easy platform for enhanced gene transfection, especially when used in combination with microbubbles such as SV-25. SonoPore4000 is the leader in this exciting application.


It is possible to use it to experiment in both In Vivo and In Vitro.

Specifications (SonoPore4000 Sonoporator)

Frequency 200k-5,000kHz (1kH resolution)
*Adjust the frequency to the most suitable frequency for the probe.
Power (Output) 0-3.00W (Setting: 0-100V)
Duty Cycle 0-100%
Burst Rate 0.5-100.0Hz
Duration 0.1-999.9s (Auto), Manual
Wave Pattern Type Sine/Rectangular
Frequency Sweep Function Off + 4 Sweep Patterns (Increase, Decrease, Increase/Decrease, Decrease/Increase)
Frequency Sweep Width 0.1-99.9%
Frequency Sweep Interval 0.2ms-100.0ms
Power, Dimensions, Weight 100-240V, 320W x 350D x 149H mm, 8kg

SonoPore4000 Ultrasound Probe

Features (Ultrasound Probe)
Probe can be easily replaced from one to another.

The ultrasound transducer to which oil is coated prevents damage when mis-oscillating in air, and improves the efficiency of the ultrasound irradiation. (Patent Pending)

Tip shape of the ultrasound probe has three-kind variation of the small straight forward irradiation type, the small straight side irradiation type, and the upper irradiation type.

There are five kinds of sizes of the ultrasound transducer.
(1mm diameter, 2mm diameter, 6mm diameter, 8mm diameter, and 20mm diameter)

It is possible to use it to experiment in both In Vivo and In Vitro.


We can make the special customized probe upon your request.
Please feel free to contact us.


All features and specifications subject to change without notice..