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LF201 Electro Cell Fusion Generator

Electro Cell Fusion, Nuclear Transfer (Cloning), Oocyte Activation


ES/EG Cell and T-Cell (Activation of Reprogramming of Pluripotent Stem Cell)
Human Dendtritic Cell and Tumor Cell (Cancer Vaccine)
Yeast and Mold
Islet Cell and Tumor Cell (Transplantation of Insulin-Secreting Cell)
Splenic Cell and Myeloma (ELISA)
Plant Protoplast Fusion
Human Monoclonal Antibody (Treatment of Breast Cancer with Anti-Cancer Drug)
Electrofusion of Recipient Oocyte and Somatic Cell (Bovine, Pig, Mouse and Rabbit Cloning)
Electrofusion of Hamster or Mouse 2-Cell Blastomeres (Tetraploid Embryo)


Resistance Measurement Function

The resistance of actual sample and buffer can be measured up to 39.99 k/ohm.

AC/DC Switching Time

Switching time from AC pulse to DC pulse is less than 5s.

Two Kinds of DC Pulse Outputs

DC square pulse can be chosen from either positive (+) or bipolar (+/-) pole.


Up to 99 protocols can be stored.

Two Types of Post Fusion

Post fusion can be done in either Sine Wave or Fade Wave.

DC Pulse Output

DC pulse can be output automatically or manually

PC Control

LF201 can be controlled through PC. The software is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


Protocol data can be converted into Excel format.


Wave Shape Sine Wave
Voltage 0-75V (Peak to Peak), 1V resolution
Frequency 1MHz
Duration 0-100s (1sec resolution)
Post Fusion AC 0-10s (Sine or Fade Wave)
Shunt Resistor Greater than 50ohm

DC Pulse
Wave Shape Positive (+) Square Wave Pulse
or Bipolar (+/-) Square Wave Pulse
Voltage 0-1200V (1V resolution)
Pulse Length 0-100s (1sec resolution)
Pulse Interval 0.1-10s (0.1 sec resolution)
Number of Pulses 1-100 (Automatic/Manual)

Resistance Measurement Up to 39.99kohm
AC/DC Switching Time Less than 5s
Memory 99 protocols
System Requirement Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Power 100V-240V
Dimensions, Weight 375W x 360D x 170H mm, 9kg